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What is the Bhakti Recovery Group?

Who is the BRG for?

We who have taken birth in this age of Kali are especially prone to the never-ending pursuit of material sense enjoyment in its extreme. Repeatedly we continued this cycle of insanity, expecting different results. Bound and blinded by Maya, powerless over the 3-fold miseries, we ran around life trying to fill that God sized hole with material sense enjoyments but the results were always the same: pain, devastation and for some of us, even death.


Here are some examples of who qualifies for the BRG

  • Alcoholics

  • Addicts

  • Adult Children of alcoholic parents/dysfunctional families

  • Compulsive sex addicts/addiction to pornography

  • Sex/love romance addicts

  • Food addicts

  • Co-dependency

  • OCD

  • Family members of the alcoholic/addict

  • Gambling addicts

  • Shopping addicts

  • Workaholics


What the BRG offers?

Our experience shows that devotees of all stages have come to the BRG and have discovered a new found love, a deeper understanding of surrender and devotion for their Bhakti path. Krishna Consciousness through the lens of the 12 steps is very powerful.

Similarly, members coming from various 12 step groups have found a new spiritual understanding and a deeper meaning of God within Krishna consciousness. We learn to live in spiritual solutions through 12 step recovery and devotional service to Krishna. The BRG meets regularly to read and study various 12 step recovery literature and Vedic books from His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

  • We share our experience, strength and hope.

  • We know that when we work by LIVING the 12 steps and our Bhakti practices we walk the walk in Krishna Consciousness TOGETHER.

  • We work to bring to light what stands in the way of our recovery, our connection to Krishna and our spiritual advancement.

  • We learn to use simple spiritual tools that enable us to live in spiritual solutions everyday in the mood of surrender and service.

  • In the spirit of faith, love and hope, the BRG offers a safe and caring space for those seeking shelter and for those who seek a new way of life through the 12 steps and Krishna Consciousness.


Why the BRG was founded?

Many of us are practicing devotees involved in temple communities. Some of us may be reluctant to share that we struggle with addictions or associated behaviors. The BRG is a safe and anonymous space for sharing honestly. This is vital for our spiritual growth.


While the BRG offers a variety of 12 step meetings for different addictions and associated behaviours, we strongly suggest that those who suffer from active addictions such as drugs, alcohol and sex, visit regular 12 step meetings appropriate to their specific addiction "in person".


We advise caution to those who may have suicidal thoughts, are self harming, have trauma and have been sexually/domestically abused to get the appropriate support they need.


The Bhakti Recovery Group is a support group of aspiring devotees and seekers of Krishna who struggle with addictions and associated behaviors, We are not a professional therapeutic institution.

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