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BRG Italy Retreat
June 27 - July 4th 2023

The Annual Bhakti Recovery Group retreat with WOTS in Villa Vrndavana Italy 2023

Villa Vrndavana, Italy

We are happy to announce that once again, the BRG will be joining Wisdom of the Sages for the 2023 Italy Retreat.

At this time we will be offering the following services

  • Information Meetings (What is the BRG, who is the BRG for) 

  • Daily meetings (In person BRG meetings)

  • *12 Step workshop

*This 12 step Bhakti Recovery Retreat recommends a minimum donation of 108 Euro for those who will be participating in the BRG 12 step workshop.


Private Coaching with JivaG is possible via appointment on site. Prices upon request.

Registration is open!

We will once again have a weeklong retreat at the beautiful Villa Vrindavana in Florence, Italy.

Follow this link for more information and registration form.

Email us for more details about the the Bhakti Recovery Group part of this Retreat

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